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WorkCover announces Review of WR&C Regulations


Tuesday 7 October 2008

WorkCover has announced a review of all regulations made under the Workers Rehabilitation & Compensation Act 1986.

In a discussion paper released late last week, WorkCover advised that the pending expiry dates of existing regulations, coupled with the development of new regulations associated with the Government’s legislative reform agenda, have led to the requirement to review most of the regulations that are administered by WorkCover.

This review of regulatory content will occur over the coming year and in response to the consequential amendments associated with the Workers Rehabilitation and Compensation (Scheme Review) Amendment Act 2008, WorkCover anticipates that new regulations to replace all existing regulations will take effect in January 2010.

The first round of public consultation will close on Friday 13 February 2009. The consultation process is outlined in the discussion paper. WorkCover has also provided a non-mandatory submission template and a cover sheet for submissions.

SISA is assembling a working party to review the WorkCover document and assess whether there are any other parts of the regulations not mentioned in the discussion paper that should be included in the review.

SISA will make a submission on behalf of its members, but members are obviously at liberty to make their own submissions. Any member willing to assist SISA with this will be welcome to join the working party. Alternatively, if you have some views on aspects of the regulations that you wish to contribute to the working party, please feel free to do so at the earliest opportunity.