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Health Benefits of Good Work Back

Health Benefits of Good Work Charter of Principles 91KB

Signatories to the Consensus Statement are committed to actively implementing the principles articulated in the Consensus Statement to create safe, healthy workplaces. As signatories, we acknowledge that good work can play a central role in contributing to people’s health and well-being.

Health Benefits of Good Work Evidence Update November 2015 238KB

The current evidence continues to reflect the importance of applying a biopsychosocial paradigm to understanding and treating injury and disease in a workplace setting. Given the biomedical, psychological and social factors that contribute to health, successful return to work (RTW) practices require good communication and collaboration amongst all stakeholders including employees, employers, General Practitioners (GPs), allied health professionals, unions and insurers.

Improving workforce health and workplace productivity - A virtuous circle 435KB

This position paper advocates that health is a fundamental issue in Australia and New Zealand, embraced by government and citizens. However, the role of health in the workplace has not yet been established as a fundamental principle on which to create and develop workplace culture.

Realising the Health Benefits of Good Work - Business Case to Support Implementation and Evaluation 702KB

Prepared by the Australian Health Benefits of Good Work (HBGW) Signature Steering Group for use by organisations seeking to drive change in their culture/employment practices and to implement the HBGW philosophy.

Realising the Health Benefits of Good Work Consensus Statement 667KB

Realising the health benefits of good work for all those working in Australia and New Zealand requires a transformation in both thought and in practice. It necessitates cooperation between a broad range of participants including workers, governments, employers, unions, insurers, legal practitioners, advocacy groups and healthcare professions.

What is Good Work? 337KB

RACP position statement October 2013 - Physicians’ concerns, particularly those of Specialists in Occupational and Environmental Medicine and Public Health Medicine, are not limited to an individual’s health and their ability to work safely. The Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP) is also concerned with effects of “the work” and “the workplace environment” on the health of an individual and their community.