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Procare Group

Procare is a nationally approved workplace rehabilitation provider, with over 200 return to work experts across Australia. We have a proven track record delivering tailored and effective services to promote recovery, return to work and beneficial outcomes.
Procare offers a series of ergonomic solutions, as your needs may change over time, including:

  • One-on-one ergonomic assistance for individuals, targeting those with symptoms or needing support;
  • Group based ergonomic sweeps, including for annual WHS preventative compliance, office re-location or refurbishment;
  • Train the Trainer Ergonomics Course;
  • Online Ergonomic Solutions, and tele-health Ergonomic Reviews.

For more information, please contact one of the following:
Nathan McLeod - South Australian Account Manager
0499 118 928  |
Alex Grigg - General Manager, Southern States
0411 148 244  |


Recovre Group

The office is an injury prone environment contributing to injuries which cost over $34 Billion every year*. Every business can benefit from an Ergonomic Assessment. Under the Occupational Health and Safety Act, both employers and their staff have a responsibility to comply with workplace safety. Office Ergonomic Assessments can be used as part of an overall OH&S management strategy to ensure all legal obligations are met.

Office Ergonomic Assessments with The Recovre Group focus on correct ergonomic workstation set up, in accordance with best practice techniques to minimise the risk of injury whilst improving productivity.

Key Features

  • Fast, non-obtrusive evaluation of the physical configuration of the work area with recommendations to improve ergonomic suitability.
  • Raised awareness of risk factors commonly associated with office workstations.
  • Adjustment of workstation components including chair, desk, keyboard, monitor, document holder, foot rest and lighting, to suit specific needs.
  • Minimising risk of injury through education on preventative work practices including simple stretching regimes and taking allocated breaks.

Key Benefits

  • Raise awareness of the consequence of injury and staff responsibilities in relation to ergonomics and their own health and safety.
  • Meet your legal obligations while maximising staff efficiency.
  • Eliminate unnecessary Workers Compensation Claims.
  • Building a positive culture of care within the organisation.

Recovre offers a comprehensive range of injury management services built upon a foundation of commitment, integrity, understanding of the marketplace and professional delivery. Contact us now for more information.

For all your office ergonomic needs or to book an appointment, contact Recovre Adelaide
Level 1, 148 Frome Street, ADELAIDE SA 5001
Contact: Briony Freda, Business Manager SA & NT
Phone: (08) 8235 6177
Fax: (08) 8235 6183

Visit us at

*National Health and Safety Commission 2004.