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Procare Group

Procare has a proven track record delivering national Pre-Employment Assessment services for over 10 years.  We recognise the value that a strong screening and assessment process can have for an organisation in helping determine a candidate’s suitability for a role.
Procare Pre-Employment Assessments can be Physical or Psychological based, and include the following:

  • Online referral and tracking portal for your organisation;
  • Fast turnaround and easy booking process;
  • Targeted assessment based on specific role requirements;
  • A full suite of testing options including functionality, drug and alcohol screening, audiometry testing, spirometry testing, vision testing, and psychological wellbeing testing.

Procare is proud to be the preferred Pre-Employment Assessment provider for a number of South Australian companies and has an outstanding record of quality service.

For more information, please contact one of the following:
Nathan McLeod - South Australian Account Manager
0499 118 928  |
Alex Grigg - General Manager, Southern States
0411 148 244  |


Recovery Partners

Did you know that a wrong hire can cost a business up to 2.5 times the salary of the employee?

Our Pre-Employment Health Assessments (PEHA) are the best way to determine if an individual’s health and fitness levels are an appropriate match for a given role and its tasks. The assessment can also identify any risks that may arise when a worker completes their duties. 

Psychological Assessments

Initially, our Psychologists determine the inherent psychological demands of the role and work environment. Once psychological demands are established an appropriate psychometric test and set of psychological assessment procedures are specifically designed. Assessments can be scaled from basic screening to comprehensive evaluations to identify the best candidates for leadership, safety-critical or complex roles.

Physical Assessments

Our Assessors take each candidate through a set regime of activities to enable an ability to clearly quantify the capacity to safely perform the known job demands. Any markers of concern or inability to perform a task will be readily noted by the assessor, and subsequent tasks will then be undertaken.

Benefits of conducting pre-employment health assessments:

  • Reduce injury rates
  • Improve productivity within the workplace
  • Create a great, cohesive team

All of the above can be packaged and presented in creative and engaging ways including face to face, audio-visual presentations, toolbox talks, or live video/ skype sessions.

For more information, please contact:

Hayley Davies – Team Leader South Australia
0405 320 648 or at

Chi Ly – General Manager Safety, Victoria & South Australia

0437 870 190 or at

For more information, go to

Rehab Management

Pre-Employment Services


Before a worker enters your business, it is important to know whether they are physically or psychologically capable of fulfilling the tasks of the role. Depending on your industry, there are many physically or mentally demanding tasks that require the worker to have a clean bill of health.

Rehab Management provides tailored, pre-employment functional screening services developed in collaboration with employers. We complete a comprehensive review of an employer’s job roles and develop a bespoke pre-employment screening based on the review to ensure the pre-employment screening captures a candidate's true ability to perform the inherent demands of the job.

Testing options include:

•            Tailored and automated pre-employment medical questionnaire [](developed in collaboration with the employer)

•            Functional capacity evaluation [] (relative to demands of job role)

•            Drug and alcohol screening

•            Audiometry testing

•            Vision testing

•            Health and wellbeing screening

For further information, please contact:

Dominik Nalecz – Corporate Partnerships Manager

0439 250 569