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COVID-19 response by ISO, its members and partners 258KB

Information about ISO initiatives to counter the COVID-19 pandemic,

Draft SAET Fast Track Stream Rules 277KB

Draft rules released for comment 29 April 2020

Letter from SAET re Fast Track Rules 268KB

Letter from SAET President dated 29 April 2020

Return to Work (COVID-19 Injury) Amendment Bill 2020 48KB

House of Assembly—No 32 As laid on the table by the Opposition and read a first time, 8 April 2020

Return to Work (COVID-19) Amendment Bill 2020 46KB

Legislative Council—No 20 As introduced by the Greens and read a first time, 8 April 2020

SAET practice direction on witnessing affidavits during COVID-19 restrictions 436KB

Issued 29 April 2020

Safe Work Australia report on COVID-19 related workers compensation claims 235KB

Claim statistics as at 31 July 2020

Working from Home - Opportunities and Risks 741KB

Published by the Australia Institute Centre for Future Work April 2020