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RTWSA - Update on review and Invitation to contribute to self-insured program

Friday 31 May 2024

Digital transformation survey

Following the valuable feedback received from the 2022 self-insured employer survey, ReturnToWorkSA has been actively reviewing and enhancing our processes, standards, and templates.

We are now embarking on a digital transformation program and invite you or relevant members of your team to directly contribute to the design of our systems. 

We need your help to prioritise and build on the insights from our previous survey and gather new insights.  

This survey aims to: 

  1. Prioritise previously raised insights or raise new ones 
  2. Gather your feedback on potential system enhancements 
  3. Gain your insights on other areas that will contribute to future improvements of the self-insured program. 

Provide your input now

This survey will take approx. 10-15 minutes. Most questions are optional so that you can respond to the sections that are most relevant to you. 

This survey will close on 7 June. 

This survey is designed for stakeholders who engage with ReturnToWorkSA across the following processes: 

  • New Applications 
  • Partnering and Evaluation – Work, Health and Safety 
  • Partnering and Evaluation – Injury Management 
  • Schedule 3 – actuarial reports, financial reports, excess of loss policy, financial guarantees 
  • Registration amendments and liability transfer 
  • ReturnToWorkSA Online Services 
    • Lump sum searches 
    • Electronic WCC retrieval 
    • EDI data submission 
    • Self-insurance fee/remuneration 

Injury management standards and guidance notes

We have received some valuable feedback from self-insured employers and industrial associations and we are working through potential amendments from this feedback. We anticipate having a final draft out for review in June.

Work health and safety standards and guidance notes

The team continue to work on the review of this document although this has taken slightly longer than initially anticipated. We are working towards having a first draft and consultation paper launched early July.

Financial requirements review

We have reviewed the further response from SISA and have considered this in addition to the existing feedback. We have engaged further with Finity however following the extension, the next available date to engage with the ReturnToWorkSA Board was July. We confirm we are still planning further consultation with stakeholders on changes to our guidelines and this is likely to occur throughout August/September.

Thank you for your time and contribution as we embark on this journey to improve our systems and processes for self-insured employers. 

The ReturnToWorkSA team