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Seeking your feedback: Self-insured injury management standards & guidance notes

Wednesday 13 March 2024

Self-insurance is a key element of the South Australian Return to Work scheme, granted to employers who meet legislative and regulatory requirements, including WHS and Injury Management performance standards and the Code of conduct for self-insured employers.

ReturnToWorkSA considers criteria in section 129 of the Act and evaluates compliance with Work Health and Safety (WHS) and Injury Management (IM) standards.

The IM standards provide a framework for self-insured employer performance and the last significant review was in 2016.

ReturnToWorkSA has completed a review of the Self-insured IM standards and guidance notes including the specific requirements aligned to the sub-elements. The intent of the review was to:

  • streamline the standards and reconfigure in a more logical format,
  • address gaps or emerging risks observed during oversight of registrations or past evaluations,
  • allow ReturnToWorkSA's Self-insured Evaluators to discuss current testing procedures for each sub-element and agree and define a common approach,
  • and rewrite guidance notes to reduce ambiguity and support consistent interpretation of the IM standards.

How to provide your feedback
ReturnToWorkSA now seeks your feedback on the proposed changes to the Self-insured IM standards and guidance notes.

The consultation discussion paper does not contain the full list of changes but aims to provide a high level summary of the key updates including supporting rationale.

You are encouraged to review the updated IM standards and guidance notes and make note of the relevant changes or where you may seek additional clarification.

Please provide your feedback by Wednesday 10 April 2024 via the online feedback form. If you would like to discuss alternative options for providing feedback, please contact the Self-insured Services team via

Register for an information session
We will also be holding information sessions. Please register your interest here to attend either online or face to face. These sessions will be held w/c 25 March 2024.

More information
If you have any questions or would like more information about the proposed changes to the Self-insured injury management standards and guidance notes consultation, visit the ReturnToWorkSA website or please contact