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RTWSA - New whole person impairment assessor listing with additional filtering options


Monday 8 May 2023

New whole person impairment assessor listing with additional filtering options

Dear self-insured employer


A new and improved Whole Person Impairment Assessor report on the ReturnToWorkSA website has gone live. Here are a few key features:


  •   New cleaner layout
  •   Languages spoken by the assessor filter
  •   Ordering in order from distance from worker’s postcode option (worker postcode) – this happens if you put the postcode in without the max distance
  •   Filter by maximum desired distance worker wants to travel filter (max distance to assessor – this removes locations outside of that chosen limit)
  •   State location filter
  •   Regional / Interstate visits filter


Please review the Instructions page when you follow the link, for more information on how to use the filters and let us know if you have improvement ideas.


In addition, the mobile view of the list has an improved layout and slightly different instructions for when it is opened up on a phone, with the filters appearing at the top instead of the side, so we encourage you to try opening up the link using your phone and you can see what your workers will be looking at. There are still tabs at the top for instructions, a filter list and the ability to print/download.


We hope you find the new report of use and helpful in assisting workers to select the most appropriate assessor. We are very keen to hear your feedback and about any issues you come across, so please contact Kirsten O’Callaghan by email or call on (08) 8238 5727.


Please note: If you have any updates to the listing, or questions around WPI referrals, please email or call the WPI hotline on 8238 5960.


We look forward to hearing your feedback.


Nathan Conroy

Leader, Self-Insured Services