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Survey of 13,000 workers in 28 countries focused on mental health in the pandemic


Wednesday 3 March 2021

In January 2021, the Word Economic Forum released an Ipsos survey of 13,000 workers in 28 countries including Australia on the mental health impact of the COVID-19 pandemic that reported that:

  • More than half of working adults experienced anxiety relating to their job security and stress due to changes in their working patterns
  • 32% worked longer hours, 32% worked shorter hours, 30% took leave and 15% left their job
  • Most countries showed more than 40% of home workers were feeling isolated (45% in Australia)
  • 46% reported reduced productivity
  • People under 35, business owners, decision-makers, lower-income workers and women more likely to report negative effects
  • Low-income workers and those under the age of 35 more likely to experience high levels of disruption
  • COVID-19 is likely to leave a legacy of mental health problems
  • The right interventions and investments can flatten the curve
  • Employment programs (JobKeeper) were found to be the single most effective strategy for mitigating the adverse mental health impacts

Click here to access the WEF article.

Click here to download the Ipsos survey