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WorkCover SA RISE scheme is available to self insurers


Friday 15 October 2010

Employers benefit by giving injured workers a second chance

A recently improved program by WorkCoverSA is supporting injured workers to return to meaningful employment by offering a significant financial benefit and support to employers who can hire them.

Sometimes a worker’s injury makes it hard for them to do their old job but they are capable of doing a different job. The Re-employment Incentive Scheme for Employers (RISE) supports employers to provide a new job to these workers.

Through RISE employers also have access to a pool of skilled workers who may be suitable for their industry, helping to address the wider issue of Australia’s skills shortage.

The improved program, which came in to effect on 1 September 2010, provides the same overall financial benefit that it did in the past but the structure of the payments has been simplified to make the program clearer and more supportive for all parties.
The wage subsidy offered to employers is now distributed evenly for up to 52 weeks instead of a scaled percentage reimbursement and retention bonus if employment extends beyond 12 months.

Now, by employing an injured worker through the RISE program, an employer may receive reimbursement of 40% of gross wages for up to the first 52 weeks plus access to support from a workplace rehabilitation provider to ensure the transition into the new job is smooth for the worker and employer.

Consideration of payments to cover costs such as minor workplace modifications and equipment to assist the worker also remains a part of the program.

Employers can also be assured that in the unlikely event the worker aggravates their injury - if it is medically established that it is an aggravation - the cost of the claim will not be recorded against them.

All employers, including self-insurers and Government / Crown agencies, are eligible to participate in RISE, so long as they are paying required levies and can provide eligible full time, part time or casual work in a safe workplace.

More information about eligibility and general information about RISE can be found on WorkCover’s website or by contacting the RISE Coordinator on 13 18 55 or emailing

If you are interested in filling a job vacancy with a worker through RISE, please contact WorkCover’s RISE Coordinator who can arrange for jobs to be advertised to injured workers though their workplace rehabilitation providers and case managers.