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Legislative Council disallows Discontinuance Fee regulation - again


Friday 23 July 2010

The Legislative Council of the SA Parliament has again disallowed the discontinuance fee regulation under s.76AA of the WR&C Act.

The disallowance motion was passed 12-9 with the support of the Opposition, Family First, independents and Dignity for the Disabled. SISA expresses its appreciation for this support for what we regard as the removal of an inequitable and unjustified barrier to self insurance.

In speaking to the motion, Hon Rob Lucas MP said, "Certainly, my view will be, and I make it plain, that if it is disallowed this evening and if the government reintroduces it in exactly the same form without any consultation, on behalf of the Liberal Party I will take a position to the party room that we continue to seek to disallow it until the government is prepared to sit down, as the Hon. Ms Bressington has suggested, and, perhaps, seek some compromise...One of the critical things we were told throughout all of the recent investigations into WorkCover has been the issue of return to work. No-one has disputed the fact that self-insurers have far superior return-to-work measures than WorkCover Corporation. If one is interested in injured workers and employees, then that ought to be an issue that people consider when they address this particular resolution".