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Tailored Work Placement/Rehabilitation ServicesTailored Work Placement/Rehabilitation Services

The Job Bureau has partnered with MSVS Consultancy and can assist your organisation with tailored work placement services.

We can assist you when:

  • Your organisation is not able to accommodate your injured worker due to issues such as capacity or workplace relations. We can provide assistance to locate an external placement to build work capacity & maintain work habit while you explore your ability to provide duties;
  • Your organisation does not have duties available despite the injured worker having medical capacity for work. An external placement can be organised to assist with building work capacity;
  • You are seeking to exhaust the rehabilitation process to help finalise the claim;
  • You wish to provide other opportunities for injured workers to seek a different work experience away from your organisation, especially if a breakdown in a key relationship has occurred;
  • You wish to evidence suitable employment

If you would like further information please contact us on:

8351 8077

0412 617610