Back Accredited Permanent Impairment Assessor

Dr David Marshall, MBBS; FRACS; FAORTHO

Dr Marshall has practiced Orthopaedic Surgery for over 30 years, with special interest in general and sports trauma, hip, knee and shoulder surgery, as well as the treatment and reporting of work related injuries.

Currrently he practices as a Consultant and is an accredited Assessor for:

  • Independent Medical Assessments
  • Permanent Impairment
  • Road Trauma
  • Workers Compensation

He is accredited according to the South Australian and New South Wales Guidelines in the assessment of:

  • Spine
  • Upper Limb
  • Lower Limb

Standard waiting time 5-7 days.

Urgent appointments can be arranged within 24 hours.


Contact for Appointments:

Level 2, 270 Wakefield Street

Adelaide, SA 5000

Phone: (08) 8236 4111

Fax: (08) 8236 4115



Fees: Standard WorkCover and Third Party Fees

Reports will be provided within 7 days.

Dr James Economos, MBBS (Adel) FAFOEM (RACP) GDOH

Dr Economos has 20 years’ experience in managing work conditions/injuries and has been an occupational physician for 12 years.  He divides his time between managing patients and independent work (impairment assessments, independent examinations and fitness to work assessments) at Kent Town and McLaren Vale.  In the past has worked for several years on site for one large and several smaller exempt employers and a medical advisor to Allianz Workers Comp.  He’s accredited for permanent impairment assessment of:

  • Spine
  • Upper Extremity – upper limbs
  • Lower Extremity – lower limbs
  • Skin
  • Digestive system

Level 1, 18 Dequetteville Terrace, KENT TOWN SA 5067 (Ph 08 8362 8200) (Fx 08 8362 5300)

McLaren Vale and District War Memorial Hospital Aldersey Street McLAREN VALE SA 5171 (Ph 08 8362 8200) (Fx 08 8362 5300)


Dr. Jennings has 40 years practical medical experience and is a Workcover Accredited Permanent Impairment Assessor for

              Upper and lower limbs
              Urinary and Reproductive system
              Central and peripheral nervous system

Evaluations are carried out by appointment in our rooms at Parafield Airport or North Plympton. As part of our services we undertake –

  • Assessments in country locations
  • Assessments in the home, other accommodation, including residential care facilities or professional rooms, where it would be inconvenient, difficult or stressful for a person or anyone accompanying them, to attend our rooms.
  • Provision of additional opinions and reviews.

 Fees (GST excl.) are as set out in the official Workcover schedule.

              Standard report: $448.50
              Moderately complex report: $560.60
              Complex report: $710.00
              (Additional fees for travel and use of interpreters are as set out by Workcover.)

For an appointment at

68 Mooringe Avenue North Plympton 5037 (disabled access)
Ph. 8297 2399 Fax: 8297 4111
Control Tower Building, Anderson Drive, Parafield Airport SA 5106
Jess (Senior Technical Officer) 0404 50 3977 Ted (Clinical Aviation Nurse) 0403 19 1343
Reece: direct mobile: 0427 82 5387 confidential e-mail:

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Dr Paul Pers has been working in the SA workers compensation system for the past 20 years. He is a medical consultant to several SISA members.

He is now performing S43 Permanent Impairment Assessments in:

  1. Spine
  2. Upper Extremity – upper limbs
  3. Lower Extremity – lower limbs

Appointments can be made through:

South Terrace Specialist Centre
255 South Terrace
Adelaide 5000
Ph: 8232 5233
F: 8232 5288

SANO means ̀health΄

For further information please contact Paul directly on 04 1147 3747.  Paul is also able to perform Independent Medical Examinations for self insurers.