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It’s not just “Who?”, “Where?”, “What?”, “How?” and “Why?”. The main aim of accident reporting and investigation is to prevent any recurrence. Flow on benefits include:-

  • Identify all contributory causes;
  • Determine reasonable control measures and their cost/benefits;
  • Evaluate the existing health and safety systems; and
  • Improve the existing system to prevent further illness or injury.

The emphasis should be on removing risks at their source or controlling them and identifying and correcting system deficiencies, rather than apportioning blame.

An incident investigation provides the organisation with the opportunity to evaluate all aspects of their occupational health and safety (OHS) management system to ensure they compliant.

For complex, high-risk accident, you should consider engaging an external OH&S professional to assist with the investigation and provide a fresh, unbiased perspective.

QBE’s OH&S and Risk Management consultants are experienced practitioners, accredited OH&S Systems Auditors and can assist you to:

  • manage major incidents;
  • conduct the investigation;
  • review your system;
  • identify reasonable corrective actions and help implement them; and
  • Help you manage your relationship with the Inspector.

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