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Recent figures reveal that waste sent to landfill and down the sewer comprises on average between 4% -10% of turnover for most organizations.

With costs of water and waste disposal set to increase significantly and energy costs spiraling, businesses have to tighten their belts and minimize operational costs wherever possible to ensure their continued survival.

The essence of business sustainability is to produce more with less

Business SA has a proven track record in working with business owners throughout South Australia (from small organizations to global corporates) to reduce operational costs and improving overall business sustainability, and can help your organization do the same.

Our consultation services include:
- Environmental risk assessments – reduce your corporate risk
- Sector specific sustainability benchmarking – assess your green credentials
- Tailored reviews of energy and water management practices – AVERAGE 10% ANNUAL SAVINGS IN UTILITY BILLS IDENTIFIED
- Environmental compliance audits
- Tailored reviews of waste management practices
- Develop of environmental policies, and management systems (EMS) to the international standard (ISO14001)
- Undertake carbon emission analysis.

Business SA also delivers formal training including the Environmental Improver Program (developed with the EPA) and can tailor in-house training to suit your organizations needs.

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