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Dr Jennings is a Civil Aviation Safety Authority trained and certified Medical Review Officer for the purpose of Part 99 of the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations.

Alcohol and other drug testing (Cannabis, amphetamines, cocaine, opioids, sedatives,) by our trained technical staff, is undertaken using urine for testable drugs by a NATA accredited laboratory, and an evidential breath analyser, with simultaneous determination of a blood level if requested. The details and costs are available on our website. We offer on-the-spot urine testing for all the above named drugs of abuse. We use urine because it shows recent as well as a past history of drug use.

The latter is a far more important aspect of screening for drugs of abuse.

This is because illicit drug use is common in Australia (34%of the population has used cannabis, 9% amphetamines and 5% cocaine) and while most people do not go on to long term use, a significant minority do develop serious problems of drug dependence – their life is oriented around taking the drug – progressing to abuse, where there is continual use of the substance despite serious medical and social consequences. These are the people who have to be detected and kept away from working in safety-sensitive areas.

Molecular biological studies have shown that if a person has the misfortune to have inherited aberrant polymorphic genes which control specific brain chemical transmitter substances, they are likely to become addicted to alcohol and other drugs. Further, they have a tendency to anti-social, impulsive and violent behaviour, multiple drug abuse, severe alcoholism, intravenous drug use and to develop unpleasant types of mental illness. To compound their problem they are also less likely to seek medical attention and usually can’t be helped when they do.

They are precisely the people who need to be detected early and assisted.

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