The ROSH GRTW Program


Monday 18 February 2013

The ROSH GRTW Program reduces the time an injured worker is off work by using functional treatment goals to increase work capacity. A worker’s increasing capacity is matched to suitable interim duties and finally to suitable employment.

Functional treatment goals (FTG ) are the gaps between the existing capacity and required capacity to do the job. Job matching closes the specific gaps and establishes the FTG.

  • Set functional goals, aligned to the Job Analysis of pre-injury or alternative duties.
  • Using functional goals, set treatment goals for early capacity for a graduated return to work.
  • Reviewing progress at strategic points, use the ROSH Failsafe Immediate Response System (ROSH FIRS) to overcome RTW breakdowns.
  • Assist certifying doctors in recognising safe capacity at various stages of a GRTW Program and in clearing the worker for suitable employment.

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