5 Jul

Resilience at Work 2012

Thursday 5 July 2012 to Thursday 5 July 2012
Seminar / Conference
Hilton Hotel, Adelaide

Following the successful 2011 Resilience at Work conference, Gary Collis and Associates are pleased to announce the 2012 Resilience at Work conference 'Stress: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly’.

Without stress many great achievements in our personal, sporting and workplace lives would never have happened and sadly the word stress is seen as toxic, negative inhibitor to having a positive and productive day at work.

The 2012 conference will help define stress into the Good, Bad and the Ugly. The conference will again provide the tools to welcome the good stress, challenge the bad stress and defeat the ugly stress.
Speakers such as Lynn Arnold and Amanda Blair will share their experiences in succeeding with the good , overcoming the bad and defeating the ugly.

Participants will leave with a greater understanding of the difference between what may be just a crap day as apposed to the ugly day to then be able to laugh at the crap day and banish the ugly.

2012 Resilience at Work ‘Stress: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly’ is a conference that will change how you think and react to challenging times at work. It is a conference for all OHS/W reps and managers, HR managers, CEOs, Rehab providers, indeed all employees in workplaces.

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