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Our consultants will walk you through the minefield of legislation that applies to negotiating resolutions to industrial disputes.

We can assist with unfair dismissals, unlawful terminations and underpayment claims, the resolution of industrial disputes, collective workplace agreements, contracts of employment, employee termination and disciplinary issues, redundancy issues, privacy law and discrimination, sexual harassment, bullying and equal opportunity issues

We excel in developing contracts that encourage employee retention and providing advice on current legislation

Business SA’s HR consultants are skilled in the provision of career transition services, change management, retention strategies, succession planning, and drafting of HR Policies and Procedures They possess a sound understanding of current market conditions & challenges in relation to recruitment for both the Public and Private sectors and seek to meet the essential balance between selecting the appropriate skills and ensuring the right ‘cultural’ fit for business to ensure long-term profitability and retention of staff.

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Sparke Helmore LawyersSparke Helmore Lawyers

As Australia’s industrial relations system enters a new regime, an informed approach to the management of industrial relations (IR) and human resources (HR) is critical. We provide advice across all areas of employment law including award employees, labour hire and contractors, senior management and executive employment. We provide our clients with tailored advice and training to ensure compliance with minimum standards in relation to bargaining and agreement making, modernised awards, the expanding area of workplace rights and interaction with industrial organisations.

Our IR and HR lawyers are available 24 hours/7 days a week to provide legal advice. The most common need for this service arises in relation to potential or actual industrial action, requiring immediate access to witnesses in order to prepare statements, relevant documentation and instructions for urgent hearings. This need may also arise in cases involving allegations of serious employee misconduct including assault, fraud, bullying, alcohol or drug use, or damage to property.

For further information on how we can assist, contact Fiona Lee, Special Counsel on +61 8 8415 9877 or email