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Sue Carpenter - WHS Consultant

I am a qualified WHS professional with a high level of experience in implementing WHS procedures and projects. My strong organisational, communication, auditing, training and leadership skills assist in creating safe workplaces and enhance the wellbeing of staff and the optimisation of business outcomes.

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Stephen Thomas, Principal OHS Risk Consultant, Innovative OHS Risk Solutions

I am a senior Work Health Safety Environment & Injury Management (WHSE&IM) professional with extensive experience in the field. In addition, I have tertiary qualifications at the post graduate level in work health and safety, social science and education. Other qualifications in safety systems auditing and workplace training and assessment and lead auditor have been obtained. My experience has been gained in large diverse and complex organisations (self-insured and non-self-insured for workers compensation) some with multiple sites across different states and with international operations. Sector experience includes defence manufacturing (shipbuilding) and engineering, local government (civil construction), Return to Work SA, airline industry, tertiary education sector, public sector and not for profit sector. Importantly I have facilitated both the acquisition and continuation of self-insurance status in several organisations.

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