26 Aug

Specialist Opinion Services for GPs and Injured Workers

Specialist Opinion Services for GPs and Injured Workers

Wednesday 26 August 2015
Seminar / Conference
Adelaide Pavilion cnr South Terrace and King William Road

The new Return to Work Act 2014 and its associated service reforms, has been the most significant change to the workers compensation scheme in South Australia since 1986. A key intent of these changes is to engage workers and to significantly reduce what is seen as an adversarial approach taken to managing workplace injuries.

Another intent of these reforms is to positively engage and support treating doctors to get the best outcomes for workers.

To this end we have introduced a new service for General Practitioners (GPs) called GPS2 designed to help workers get on the right clinical track to recovery. ReturnToWorkSA have agreed to pay for this service for regulated employers where the worker has an accepted or undetermined claim.

GPS2 enables GPs to access Specialist advice in a clinically privileged manner, without pressure to take up the service or the advice provided unless they choose to do so. The service is an assessment and opinion service only and the Specialists providing this service are not vested in treatment provision or influenced by a medico-legal process. Importantly we aim to provide specialist advice and support to GPs in a prompt and timely manner.

It is not only relevant for you to know about this service in terms of how it can make a difference to your cases but also to know it exists and that GPs, or even your employees, may ask you about it or request this service. It is then up to you as a self-insurer to decide if you will support the service as a reasonably incurred cost. GPS2 MedHealth Pty Limited has been in the business of providing independent specialist opinion services since 1986. For GPS2, we have assembled a wide and diverse pool of highly reputable local specialists to
deliver this service.

We invite you to hear more about what this service is and is not, and to meet two of our Specialists at this information session.

Learn more on how GPS2 can help:

  • Reduce Costs
  • Improve Outcomes
  • Speed up Recoveries
  • Minimise litigation costs and risks
  • Achieve Earlier Return to Work with Greater Capacity
  • Reduce risks of complications due to unnecessary treatment interventions
  • Give greater satisfaction and reassurance that recovery is on the right track
  • Optimise positive and collaborative relationships with GPs and employees.

Registrations and enquiries must be directed to MedHealth Pty Limited as per the event brochure attached.

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