23 Sep

Employers Duty to Provide Work under the RTW Act 2014

Wednesday 23 September 2015
Seminar / Conference
ITR 490 Regency Rd Enfield SA

Return to Work Act 2014 Section 18—Employer's duty to provide work

We have now been trained in what section 18 says. So — do you know how to convert this into an operational process to ensure you can meet your obligations?

Let itr show you the processes you need to have in place.

The workshop will cover the following:
1. Recap of the relevant legislation
2. Interpreting Section 18 and working through the processes Self Insured employers need to have in place to meet their obligations.
3. Linking Section 18 processes to Sections 20 and 25
4. Understanding how and when to use Section 25(10)
5. When can external employment be considered?
6. What actions should have been completed before considering external employment?
7. Services available to assist self insured employers meet the Section 18 obligations.

Registrations and enquires must be directed to ITR as per the brochure ITR.

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