26 Jul


Thursday 26 July 2012
Seminar / Conference
Hilton Hotel Adelaide

Closing the Loop 2011, following on as it did from the 2010 event, received glowing feedback from those who attended. The mix of ‘outside the square’ themes and new and different approaches clearly has met with the approval of many people who are now regular attendees of Closing the Loop. So we have this year continued theme of considering work health and safety and rehabilitation/RTW as a single living cycle that can inform and improve itself. Our guest speakers will extend our understanding of the connection between WH&S, workforce wellness, restoration after injury or disease, and remaining at or returning to work, and how the outcomes of one can influence the performance of the others - for better or worse. We will hear from experts on a broad range of relevant subjects bearing on this leading-edge approach. Closing the Loop 2012 will equip you with a practical understanding of the challenge of developing integrated WHS and RTW management systems and continuous improvement and the benefits it can deliver. The program is designed for workplaces of all types and sizes, public and private, large and small, high risk and low risk.

Fot more information, visit the Closing the Loop 2012 website.

See you at Closing the Loop 2012.

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