16 Aug

Reading People

Tuesday 16 August 2011 to Wednesday 17 August 2011
Seminar / Conference
To be advised

The 2011 version of the New Intelligence “Reading People” program incorporates the latest in research & techniques for increasing your ability to practice the Art & Science of Reading People. Attendees at various SISA functions will have seen and heard the MD of New Intelligence Steve Longford presenting on this keenly sought after topic. Feedback from these presentations has been overwhelming & many have asked for more.

Why Learn How to Read People?

Reading People is defined as the process of detecting and interpreting non-verbal, verbal and  paralinguistic cues and indicators exhibited by people for the purpose of identifying and understanding their attributes and motivations.

In order to influence people ethically and sustainably we require five Human Skills which when applied correctly build on each other and result in greater influence. The program teaches the first two Human Skills – Reading People & Role Of Emotion which constitute the basis upon which other skills can be built.

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