28 Mar

Association of Self Insured Employers of Queensland Conference 2011

Association of Self Insured Employers of Queensland Conference 2011

Monday 28 March 2011
Seminar / Conference
Plaza Terrace Room, Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre

Queensland stakeholders have identified the need for a convergence of minds and greater cooperation in order to enhance injury prevention and injury management outcomes for employers and employees.

The national harmonisation of occupational health and safety, and progress towards nationally consistent workers’ compensation arrangements, combined with recent Queensland reviews provide the ideal platform from which a shared vision for the future of the industry can emerge.

Whilst injury prevention will always be the primary aim, injury management and wellness are essential to achieving overall objectives as they provide a key to developing effective strategies. Having all parties working together towards a common goal is important.

Every leading Queensland organisation involved with workplace injury prevention and management has contributed to coordinating this conference which is a first for our state. The conference marks a significant milestone in the evolution of our industry and provides the opportunity to promote sustainable and innovative change. Employers and employees who have demonstrated outstanding achievement, commitment, and innovation will be showcased at the conference, allowing others to learn from their experiences. Common themes will be highlighted and attendees will take with them practical ideas that can be implemented in their workplace.

Renowned experts in the fields of wellness, medicine and education will outline a path for success which will be backed up by stakeholder groups who are passionate about achieving a shared understanding of what is required to deliver safer and healthier workplaces.

The dedication shown to this initiative by the many organisers, supporters and sponsors evidences the value placed on developing tomorrow’s future today. Network with other professionals and be part of shaping the future of our industry as our vision is crystallised by injury management leaders.

Click here to access the conference website, program and registration details.

On the first evening of the conference, there will be a networking dinner hosted by the Personal Injury Education Foundation. Click here for more information.