27 Oct

Are we sure we know, what we think we know, about the RTW Act?

Thursday 27 October 2016
Seminar / Conference
Adelaide Pavilion Corner South Road & Peacock Terrace

MSVS is proud to present another session from our panel of well respected professionals on the challenges and experiences post implementation of the new RTWSA Act.

We have a new panel member that will be joining the group, Patrick Boylen from DBH.
We will also have technical experts from RTWSA join the audience to answer any tricky technical questions that may arise.

Come and spend an afternoon with our panel!

  • Robin Shaw, Manager, SISA – Panel Facilitator
  • Nadia Zivkovic, Advocate & Trainer, Nadia Zivkovic & Associates
  • John Walsh, Director, DWFoxTucker
  • Patrick Walsh Senior Associate DWFoxTucker
  • Cheryl Milburn, Manager, Injury Management Section, SAPOL
  • Hedy Babi, Chairperson, Registered Employers Group (REG)
  • Jared Simes, General Manager, Employers Mutual Limited
  • Patrick Boylen, Partner, Duncan Basheer Hannon

Includes networking drinks & nibbles served following the event proudly sponsored by EML, SISA, DW FoxTucker  and MSVS Consultancy.

If you would like to reserve a place for this exciting event, please indicate your interest by sending an email to enquiries@msvs.com.au and include in the subject heading Panel Event. Please provide us with number of attendees, names and company details or alternatively you can go direct to Eventbrite and book your tickets.


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